7 Tips for Getting the Locums Jobs You Most Want

doctor female with stethoscope looked at phoneSo, you have decided to add locum tenens experiences to your practice scope. You look forward to caring for patients in different clinical and geographical settings. You welcome the chance to meet new colleagues. You probably really want the schedule flexibility typical with accepting locum tenens opportunities. All Star Healthcare Solutions is equally excited to match highly qualified providers with both short- and long-term assignments at facilities in need of your skills and experience.

However, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and multi-specialty private practice groups oftentimes receive several locum tenens candidates for consideration. How can you stand out as the best one? Here are seven tips that could positively influence your chances of being selected for the locum tenens jobs you most desire.

  1. Highlight Experience and Training
    Locum tenens practice appeals to providers at all career stages, from just out of residency to retirement, and there are opportunities for providers with varying levels of experience. That said, the most attractive candidates are those whose backgrounds match the needs of the facilities. While not all contracts require physicians to be board certified in their specialties, for example, that certification can be a deciding factor. Additional certifications also benefit candidates, such as advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). Beyond CV entries, inform your consultant on procedures you are well-versed in and any other information that could identify you as a great clinical match.

  2. Respond to Requests
    No one wants a call/email/text to linger unanswered. Responding to such inquiries in a timely manner is not only appreciated, it often can be a distinguishing characteristic from other candidates. What may seem like a common courtesy actually demonstrates a level of professionalism facilities expect of locum tenens providers.

  3. Be Thorough and Prompt with Paperwork
    At All Star, we credential each provider, which not only helps with verifying education, licenses, and other qualifications, but also fast-tracks many of the initial steps for securing hospital privileges. The sooner you complete and submit the requisite paperwork, the sooner you can be presented for positions. Or, in the case of gaining hospital privileges, the more responsive you are to requests for paperwork, the faster you can arrive on assignment and start caring for patients.

  4. Define Your Practice Preferences
    Asking to be submitted to every job that comes along could diminish your chances of being selected for the ones that most appeal to you. Conversely, if you are overly restrictive on the types of contracts you are willing to accept, you also limit the likelihood of being offered a temporary job. Increase your chances of landing a locum tenens opportunity that you not only qualify for, but that you will enjoy and find rewarding by defining where and how you want to practice. More than just creating a list of top destinations, discuss with your All Star consultant preferences for type of facility, caseload size, schedule or call duty, and anything else you deem important.

  5. Obtain Multiple Licenses
    Where a clinician applies for licensure is an individual’s private decision; however, if you’re hoping to accept locum tenens work outside your home state, having a license in hand makes you a more viable candidate. Also, when facilities have immediate needs and cannot wait for candidates to go through the sometimes lengthy application process, providers who are licensed—or who qualify for the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact for physicians—naturally are prioritized for these time-sensitive positions.

  6. Be Candid about Malpractice Cases
    Having been named in or having settled a malpractice suit is not an automatic disqualifier from being offered locum tenens opportunities. It is important to be upfront about the details with your consultant and facility representatives in response to any and all questions.

  7. Follow up with Your All Star Consultant
    Consultants serve as your advocate, so if you’re missing out on locum tenens opportunities, check in with them. Ask for input on how to refine—or expand—your parameters for better matches. Also, alert them to any changes in availability, certifications, or other aspects that will position you as an ideal locum tenens candidate ready to accept the jobs you most want.

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