How Locum Tenens Can Promote the 5 Elements of Well-Being for Providers

How Locum Tenens Can Promote the 5 Elements of Well-Being for ProvidersFor the past three decades, October 10 has been designated as World Mental Health Day, a day to highlight the importance of mental health by promoting advocacy and education.

The past few years have reminded us just how important the physical and mental health of the country’s physicians and advanced practitioners is to the health and vitality of our communities. The pandemic accentuated the demands placed on our healthcare workforce. However, a worldwide Gallup study indicates that how people perceive their work experiences wields a substantial influence on whether or not, and to what extent, they feel overwhelmed or burned out with their own individual work situations.

In fact, researchers suggest a person’s overall perception of well-being depends on five key areas: career, social interactions, finances, physical health, and community attachment. The locum tenens career alternative can positively affect each of these factors, too, offering opportunities to develop a greater sense of well-being, professionally and personally.

Career Well-Being
Gallup definition: You like what you do every day.
The locum tenens advantage: Without the administrative tasks associated with permanent positions—often cited as a significant contributor to burnoutyou have the privilege to focus on clinical skills and patient interactions. In other words, working locums offers a return to the purpose that motivated so many clinicians to choose medical careers.

Social Well-Being
Gallup definition: You have meaningful friendships.
The locum tenens advantage: The locums lifestyle takes you to new facilities and communities where you can forge friendships that oftentimes endure long after contracts wrap. Plus, each assignment produces opportunities to expand your professional network with the colleagues you meet. Locum tenens practice provides greater schedule flexibility with free time, too. Physicians and advanced practitioners who choose the career alternative full time determine whether to take breaks between locum tenens jobs, and how long those breaks last. This authority over your work calendar grants more uninterrupted time to nourish connections with family and friends at home.

Financial Well-Being
Gallup definition: You manage your money well.
The locum tenens advantage: Nearly 90 percent of medical school graduates carry a heavy educational debt into their careers. Credible estimates it takes physicians an average of 13 years to pay it off in full. Supplement your existing income with short-term jobs to help manage debt or save for down payments, children’s education, and retirement. All Star Healthcare Solutions covers assignment-related expenses, such as travel and temporary housing, as well as liability insurance.

Physical Well-Being
Gallup definition: You have energy to get things done.
The locum tenens advantage: Without congested daily commutes or extended hours catching up on documentation and administrative responsibilities, there are more minutes of the day available to devote to self-care. Use downtime after shifts or days off to hike, bike, or stroll through your temporary hometown. Most hotels offer a selection of modern gym equipment if you like squeezing in a workout before or after your shift. Or use the free time to rest, meditate, and do activities you find rejuvenating.

Community Well-Being
Gallup definition: You like where you live.
The locum tenens advantage: As a locum tenens professional, you arrive in town knowing you will stay for a given period of time. Some assignments last a few days while others run a few weeks, or even more long term with recurring commitments. It’s a personal decision as to how familiar you become with the community during the time you’re in town. On the other hand, if you are interested in relocating, accepting positions in a variety of cities allows you to shop around before signing long-term employment or housing contracts. Confer with your All Star consultant about which locations most appeal to you.

How a person defines well-being depends on many factors, which can change over time. Locum tenens offers the flexibility to satisfy those factors on your own terms.

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